Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins

I am a blogger and I have just started a new WordPress website, now I want to know that which are the best WordPress plugins that need to be installed?

Best WordPress Plugins

I just learned what is WordPress plugins? and how to install WordPress plugins in it.

If you have the above question too, and if you also want to know which are the Best WordPress Plugins, then this blog will be very useful to you, because after the start of blogging I also had this question, and now I know that Best WordPress plugins are required for a new WordPress website.

Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins

1. Wordfence Security Plugin

For any new WordPress website, its security is very important, so that you secure your website with the security plugin, and with the help of the security plugin, you protect the website from hacks and malware. So keep this in the list of Best WordPress plugins for the first time in its name.

WORDFENCE WORDPRESS SECURITY PLUGIN is the most DOWNLOADED PLUGIN. This protects your website very well, wordfence firewalls protect your website from HACKING.

There are many more features such as WordPress firewall, Real-time blocking, Login Security, Security scanning, Monitoring features, Multi-Site security, Caching FEATURES, Major Theme, and Plugins Supported, Free Learning Center about .

2. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

This is also a SECURITY PLUGIN, but it gives security in a different way, as if it is our WordPress website, whatever content (meaning we have written all the blog posts) does not allow anyone to copy it, that means Nobody can go to our website and copy anything by MOUSE RIGHT CLICK. This WordPress security plugin gives our content security and cannot copy it.

Another advantage is that no one will be able to save images from your wordpress website.

All these keys (CTRL + A, CTRL + C, CTRL + X, CTRL + S or CTRL + V) are disabled, from the wordpress plugins.

To use WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click,

In your WordPress dashboard >>>>> click on ADD NEW in the plugin >>>>> then search for this plugin and install >>>>> then activate

It does not need to configure anything separately in it, as soon as it is activated, it will start protecting your content.

3. Social Media Feather

Nowadays you are seeing more and more people are active in social media, and many people use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and social media was very important to increase the traffic of your WORDPRESS website.

So it is very important that you keep the ICON button of social media in your WEBSITE so that by clicking on the SOCIAL MEDIA ICON BUTTON who visits your WEBSITE, can SHARE or FOLLOW or LIKE the post.

So for this we use this Social Media Feather plugin.

This is a free Social MEDIA WORDPRESS plugin so that we can add QUICKLY SOCIAL SHARING and FOLLOWING FEATURES to all your POST, PAGES and CUSTOM post types.

4. W3 Total Cache

If someone opens your WEBSITE, it should be OPEN in at least 5 to 7 seconds, or if the user closes the website and MOVE to another website.

If the speed of your website is low then there is a lot of impact on your traffic.

So, this W3 Total Cache WORDPRESS plugin uses to increase the SPEED of our website, this greatly reduces the loading time of your website’s posts or pages, which makes website post pages open at a very speed,

This will improve user experience as your website enhances the plugin server performance, reduces download time, and provides transparent content delivery network integration.

5. WordPress Related Posts

Its MAIN BENEFIT to increase the traffic page view of your website,

With wordpress related post plugin, you can see other posts relating to it at the end of one post in your website, which is what happens to the post of your website, after clicking on the second post and also reading the second post.

As if you wrote facebook related 5 or 6 posts in your website, and if someone is reading a post on your website, then he will see your second Facebook related 5 posts in the end of the post.

So, he will know about the second post of your website, and his engagement will increase and he will have more time on your website.

This wordpress related post plugin automatically configures the category wise related posts. You just want to install and activate it, and then you want to see the number of posts that are to be selected like 5 post 6 post, so you can select it according to your own.

6. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 Best wordpress plugin and easy plugin to create a contact page, the advantage of this is that if a reader of your website wants to contact you, he will contact you with this contact form 7.

It is very important for any business site that if a user worn them, as their business grows,

But even in blogging, if a user has some questions related to your post, then you can ask by commenting with the help of contact form 7.

If you want to get approval from Google AdSense, you also need to have contact me page and you can keep it with the help of contact form 7.

7. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a free plugin which I think is the most widely used plugin, max blogger use this Yoast SEO plugin to increase your website in SEARCH GOOGLE.

It helps IMPROVE your WORDPRESS SEO, it helps you write good content, it has many different SEO Impact features such as, Write better content with Yoast SEO, Page Analysis, Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization, Meta & Link Elements, XML Sitemaps, Social Integration, Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file and many more.

So you can USE these 7 BEST WROPRESS PLUGINS for your new BLOGGING website.

You can tell me by commenting on this blog and I can tell you, and if you have any questions, you can ask me by commenting.

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