Cloud Computing Characteristics

Cloud Computing Characteristics: Cloud computing is now being discussed everywhere and everyone is exploring cloud computing, so let’s also talk about some of the special features or characteristics of cloud computing. Well, we have posted an article in cloud computing in full detail, even if you want to know the characteristics of cloud computing, then click on Cloud Computing and read about it. Read Also – What is AWS Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

You might have detected these words repeatedly, however, do you understand what this is ultimately Cloud Computing? It is getting heard so much this time nowadays. As we know, network technologies have created tons of progress within a previous couple of years. Since the web (the most popular computer network) has expressed its existence, there have been tons of advancement within the field of the computer network and there has been considerable research in the fields of technologies like Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing.

To talk about cloud computing in simple language, this is nothing but just access to a traditional hosting service globally. This means that when you can access your data center or data from anywhere with Internet help, this is cloud computing. This is the most basic definition of cloud computing, but on today’s day, cloud computing has become so popular that it is not enough to just talk to accessing your data. Let’s see what Cloud Computing features are –

  1. On-demand self-service: Whenever a user needs cloud computing resources, he can do his job by visiting the web-based self-service portal, which is also called the Management Console, without any human interaction.
  2. Resource pooling: A common physical resource can be supplied to a lot of customers through logical partitions.
  3. Broad network access: Cloud computing resources can be accessed from anywhere through a network of mobile or workstation platforms.
  4. Additional Resources: On demand or automated additional resources can be found whenever there is a need for a sudden source.
  5. Measured service: Cloud Systems automatically controls and optimizes resources. Any resource that is used is monitored and controlled with absolute transparency and is billed as per the usage.

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