Code With PHP – Advanced Coding Techniques

Install PHP via Homebrew:

brew install php

This will install the latest version of PHP on your macOS. You can also install other versions also by using this commend.

brew install php@7.4

You can switch PHP versions easily via using Brew PHP Switcher or the default homebrew unlink feature but for that, you need to update the PATH every time when you change the version.

To Install 8.0

brew unlink php
brew link --overwrite php@8.0

How To Run PHP Code

PHP Code in HTML

PHP Code Examples

How do you code in PHP?

php hello world

<?php echo “Hello World”; ?>

How do I start PHP code?

<?php echo “This is a basic php code.”; ?>

How do I code HTML in PHP?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Developer News</h1> <?php echo "The Best PHP Examples"; ?>

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