Pay Per Click Advertising

by Muhammad Siddiqur Rahman . Updated: February 1, 2019 at 11:38 pm

Almost every website uses ads as a form of monetization. These ads are often paid per click ads that earn the webmaster money every time their visitors click on them. As a webmaster, you and your website can also benefit by creating these ads and allowing other websites, as well as search engines, to display your ads. This process is called pay per click advertising.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

When you create an ad, you normally pay a set price to have it displayed on other people’s websites. For instance, it may cost you $50/month to advertise on one popular website.

With pay per click advertising, you create an ad and pay a certain price only when someone clicks on the ad. In addition, your ad is not just shown on one website. It has the potential to be shown on many different websites.

Your ad can also be displayed around the search engine results, depending on what service you advertise with. For instance, if you use Google AdWords to display your ad, then you can appear in the search results on Google.

In short, you can display your ad to a much wider audience using pay per click advertising than if you utilize one static ad.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Unlike regular ads, pay per click advertising costs you money every time someone clicks on your ad. When you create your ad, you determine how much money you are willing to pay for someone’s click.

Your ad is displayed around relevant keywords. The keywords you choose will determine how much you have to pay per click, and the price you choose to pay for one click will also determine how often your ads are shown. People who are willing to pay more per click will have their ads shown first because they take priority over other ads.

Most of the time, you will be paying under a dollar per click; however, some popular keywords, that are highly competitive, could cost you a few dollars per click. It all depends on the popularity of the keyword and the competition for that keyword.

For instance, if you create an ad based around a popular keyword such as ‘lose weight’, then there is going to be a lot more competition for ad placement than some less popular keywords.

That means that you will have to pay more per click if you want your ads to appear higher in the search results, and your competition will determine how much that price will be by the amount that they are willing to pay per click. You will have to beat their top amount if you want your ad to appear above theirs.

How Does Pay Per Click Ads Generate Traffic For Your Website?

Pay per click advertising can be very beneficial for you and your website. There are a few different ways that it is well worth the money.

First, you can steal the competitions traffic. Your competition is likely to use a pay per click form of advertising, such as Google AdWords, to monetize their website. In fact, very few websites do not use this form of advertising. If your ads appear on your competitions website, and the reader clicks on your ad, then you have the potential to impress that reader and steal their business from your competition.

Second, you will be put in front of a huge audience. Not only do you appear on your competitions websites, but you also appear in the search engines where people are actively looking for the information or products you are providing.

Lastly, the return on investment has huge potential. Even if you pay over a dollar for someone to click on your ad, you can end up turning him or her into long-term readers or customers. You have the potential to make much more money from them than it cost you to get them to your website.

Organic Search vs PPC Search Marketing Results

When you invest in pay per click advertising, you appear in the search results and receive visitors that are interested in your ads and the information promised in your ads. After that, it is up to you to pull the visitors into your website because they may not see your ads again.

However, when you appear on the same page as those ads in the natural search results, you can get targeted visitors who are interested in your content without it costing you a penny. In addition, if they come back to that list of results, you are guaranteed to have them see your website in their natural search engine results again.

This is why onsite and offsite SEO is so important in any website. It can help you appear alongside the ads in search engines and help you to get noticed by a larger audience.

Is Pay Per Click Advertising Worth It?

Yes. There is no other form of advertising, besides organic search results, that reaches such a large audience. Especially if you use a popular pay per click service such as Google AdWords. In addition, you receive targeted visitors who are interested in what your ad is offering. As long as you direct your visitors to relevant information, the chances of you gaining a reader or making a sale are huge.

Affiliate Marketing

by Muhammad Siddiqur Rahman . Updated: February 1, 2019 at 10:58 pm

Affiliate Marketing: The Term Is Everywhere!

Have you heard of the term affiliate marketing? You most likely see the word thrown around a lot and even see the word affiliates at the bottom of many website pages. Affiliate marketing is very popular, but it can be very difficult as well.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Ideally, affiliate marketing is finding someone who is offering a product similar to what you have knowledge and ideas about, and then agreeing to advertise that product in many different forms for a commission when a sale is made.

When you are advertising a product as an affiliate to a company, you will be given a unique link to that product that has your affiliate ID in it. This way, the customers that come to the company’s website from your link are associated with you and only you.

So, if you tweet about your product and use your affiliate ID link, then anyone who clicks on the link and buys the product will earn you a commission.

Commissions can range anywhere from 5% to 75% of the product price. You can even make money as an affiliate for someone signing up for a free trial in some cases. Every company is different in how much, how often, and in what form they pay you.

The companies who use affiliate marketers can use their own affiliate program, where they have to keep track of your statistics and sales for you, or they can outsource that to another company like ClickBank, Linkshare, or commission junction who keeps track of the statistics for them and you. The outsourced companies also pay you your commission.

Most companies opt for outsourcing the task, as it is well worth to pay a small fee to have someone else handle affiliates for you. It’s easier for the company in question and the affiliate marketer.

Who Has It Easier In Affiliate Marketing?

In a sense, affiliate marketers have the easy end of the stick. Once they send someone to a product that they are promoting, they don’t have to worry about them anymore in the sense of sales and happiness with the product. That is up to the person selling the product or the company that they are outsourcing to. Your job is to get them to the product and make the sale. That’s it.

What Types of Products To Market

One thing many marketers learn quickly, is that the trick to being a sincere and effective affiliate marketer is marketing products that you believe in and know something about. The fact that there are thousands of products to market can make it tempting to try and make money off of as many products as possible. But, if you know nothing about the product, your advertising methods can lack sincerity and actual reasons to buy the product.

On the other hand, if you are passionate about a product, and market it with that passion, then your ads will show sincerity, knowledge, and passion – which often motivates other people to become passionate as well.

For instance, if you are a huge advocate for alternative health, then marketing products for alternative health would be a great fit for you; whereas, if you think that alternative health is non-credible, then you may want to focus on something other form of product to market instead of trying to talk about how effective acupuncture really is. Put some passion and fire behind your marketing and it will shine through.

How To Market Your Products

Once you find something that you are passionate about, then you have to find what method of marketing works best for you and when you are online, you have many methods available to you. Articles, classifieds, pay per click, banner ads, websites, blogs, e-mail, forums, social sites and more. You just have to find what works best for you or a combination thereof and go with it.

The great thing about being an affiliate is that most of the companies will supply some sort of help to advertise their product. They may give you articles to use, banner ads, or keywords that are effective.

Who is Affiliate Marketing For?

  • Affiliate marketing is for anyone who can convey their passion and knowledge about something and convince others to be passionate as well.
  • It’s for anyone who wants to sell people stuff that they actually need, and that will benefit them in their life.
  • It’s for anyone who wants to seriously work from home while making a difference in the world in many different ways.
  • It’s for anyone who is willing to put in some work to see some self-made results. This is one of the great things about it. You see the results of your work and get paid for those results, but it does take work!

This type of work can be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection, and the money made is dependent on the affiliates knowledge and drive. Just like everything, the more work and honesty you put in, the better the results.

Make Millions in One Hour!

If you have heard that you can make millions by putting an hour of work in per day, you have been misled. That may happen down the road, after many automated processes are in place for you, but in the beginning it’s going to take some work.

The great thing is that if you enjoy doing it, then it’s not really called working, but instead, it’s called following your dreams. And, if you are helping other people find stuff that aids them in their life, then you are doing a good service to this world while following your dreams. You can’t go wrong with that.

So is affiliate marketing right for you? Only you can decide. Just remember, it is not a get rich quick method. Just like offline work (or any work for that matter) affiliate marketing requires effort.