5 Simple Ways To Drive More Organic Traffic

There’s so much more to search engine optimization than simply publishing content and hoping for the best. But until you’ve sorted your organic traffic, there’s no point in ploughing money into ads.


Organic traffic refers to people who visit your site without having to pay to use their device.

Measuring Organic Traffic

You probably know of organic traffic from the report within Google Analytics. You may assume that because traffic to your website is declining, organic traffic is declining, but this isn’t always the case.

If a paid campaign has been paused, traffic will have decreased but your organic traffic may have still risen which is why you should monitor the sources of traffic.

1. Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

The first tip to drive more organic traffic to a website is to avoid “keyword cannibalization” which occurs when two or more pages on your website are competing for the same keyword with the same or similar search intent.

2. Appear On Podcasts

The obvious way to get involved with podcasts is to start your own. But it can take a lot of equipment, skills, and resources to begin a podcast.

However, you can simply take advantage of 2 million pre-existing shows and appear on one that’s already established.

Appearing on a well-researched podcast that your target audience listens to can do wonders for your brand awareness and authority.

In this video, I’ll tell you how to find appropriate podcasts for you to appear on to drive more organic traffic.

3. Optimize Meta Data

Metadata is all the code that can be added to your web pages to describe the content on the page to search engines

The metadata is not only vital for encouraging click-throughs in the search results, but for providing additional information to search engines.

This increased engagement and better optimization will help to boost your web pages up the search results, improving visibility and organic traffic as a result.

4. Fix Non-Performing Content

We look at fixing existing content that is failing to drive organic traffic. These pages may even be harming your overall SEO performance.
This is where a decision needs to be made. Do you want to remove the content altogether, by consolidating the pages as you would have done with your duplicate content? Or do you want to update and improve the content so it can position better in the SERPs, winning more organic clicks long-term?

5. Featured Snippets

The final tip to drive more organic traffic is for those who are already ranking on the first page of Google, but may be struggling to get as many click-throughs.

Appearing in featured snippets can greatly increase the organic traffic driven to your website.

Smart structure and content are key to increasing organic traffic with featured snippets. You’ll also push competitors down the search page rankings, increasing brand exposure.

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