How to Create Splash Screen Using Kotlin in Android Studio

In this tutorial I will discuss about how to create splash screen using Kotlin in Android Studio.

What is a splash screen on an app?

This is a into screen of an app. this screen helps user to get an overview of the app.

What is the purpose of a splash screen?

The purpose of a splash screen to introduce the app with the user and do some initial work in background to load the app functionality properly.

First of all we need to create a new project in android studio.

How to create a new project in Android Studio?

  • Click on to Start a new Android Studio project.
  • Select a Project Template: Click Empty Activity.
  • Enter the Project name: Android Splash Screen
  • Enter the Package name : com.rockscoder.splashscreen
  • Change Project save location if needed.
  • Select Language as Kotlin from the dropdown.
  • You may change the Minimum SDK version if you wish.
  • Then click finish to create the project.

After clicking the finish button it may take few minutes to build the gridle dependency for the first time.

When all the background work is done your project will be ok for the next step.

See this video tutorial on how to create splash screen using kotlin.

You can also create animated splash screen for your app using flutter, react native or java.

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