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5 Best WordPress Plugins

I am a blogger and I have just started the new WordPress website, now I want to know that which are the best WordPress plugins need to be installed?

I just learned what is WordPress plugins? and how to install WordPress plugins in it.

If you have the above question too, and if you also want to know which are the Best WordPress Plugins, then this blog will be very useful to you, because after the start of blogging I also had this question, and now I know that Best WordPress plugins are required for a new WordPress website.

Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins

1. Wordfence Security Plugin

For any new WordPress website, its security is very important, so that you secure your website with the wordfence security plugin, and with the help of the wordfence security plugin, you protect the website from hacks and malware. So keep this in the list of Best WordPress plugins for the first time in its name.

WORDFENCE WORDPRESS SECURITY PLUGIN is the most DOWNLOADED PLUGIN. This protects your website very well, wordfence firewalls protect your website from HACKING.

There are many more features such as WordPress firewall, Real-time blocking, Login Security, Security scanning, Monitoring features, Multi-Site security, Caching FEATURES, Major Theme, and Plugins Supported, Free Learning Center about wordfence.

2. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

This is also a SECURITY PLUGIN, but it gives security in a different way, as if it is our WordPress website, whatever content (meaning we have written all the blog posts) does not allow anyone to copy it, that means Nobody can go to our website and copy anything by MOUSE RIGHT CLICK. This WordPress security plugin gives our content security and cannot copy it.

Another advantage is that no one will be able to save images from your wordpress website.

All these keys (CTRL + A, CTRL + C, CTRL + X, CTRL + S or CTRL + V) are disabled, from the wordpress plugins.

To use WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click,

In your WordPress dashboard >>>>> click on ADD NEW in the plugin >>>>> then search for this plugin and install >>>>> then activate

It does not need to configure anything separately in it, as soon as it is activated, it will start protecting your content.

3. Social Media Feather

Nowadays you are seeing more and more people are active in social media, and many people use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and social media was very important to increase the traffic of your WORDPRESS website.

So it is very important that you keep the ICON button of social media in your WEBSITE so that by clicking on the SOCIAL MEDIA ICON BUTTON who visits your WEBSITE, can SHARE or FOLLOW or LIKE the post.

So for this we use this Social Media Feather plugin.

This is a free Social MEDIA WORDPRESS plugin so that we can add QUICKLY SOCIAL SHARING and FOLLOWING FEATURES to all your POST, PAGES and CUSTOM post types.

4. W3 Total Cache

If someone opens your WEBSITE, it should be OPEN in at least 5 to 7 seconds, or if the user closes the website and MOVE to another website.

If the speed of your website is low then there is a lot of impact on your traffic.

So, this W3 Total Cache WORDPRESS plugin uses to increase the SPEED of our website, this greatly reduces the loading time of your website’s posts or pages, which makes website post pages open at a very speed,

This will improve user experience as your website enhances the plugin server performance, reduces download time, and provides transparent content delivery network integration.

5. WordPress Related Posts

Its MAIN BENEFIT to increase the traffic page view of your website,

With wordpress related post plugin, you can see other posts relating to it at the end of one post in your website, which is what happens to the post of your website, after clicking on the second post and also reading the second post.

As if you wrote facebook related 5 or 6 posts in your website, and if someone is reading a post on your website, then he will see your second Facebook related 5 posts in the end of the post.

So, he will know about the second post of your website, and his engagement will increase and he will have more time on your website.

This wordpress related post plugin automatically configures the category wise related posts. You just want to install and activate it, and then you want to see the number of posts that are to be selected like 5 post 6 post, so you can select it according to your own.

6. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 Best wordpress plugin and easy plugin to create a contact page, the advantage of this is that if a reader of your website wants to contact you, he will contact you with this contact form 7.

It is very important for any business site that if a user worn them, as their business grows,

But even in blogging, if a user has some questions related to your post, then you can ask by commenting with the help of contact form 7.

If you want to get approval from Google AdSense, you also need to have contact me page and you can keep it with the help of contact form 7.

7. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a free plugin which I think is the most widely used plugin, max blogger use this Yoast SEO plugin to increase your website in SEARCH GOOGLE.

It helps IMPROVE your WORDPRESS SEO, it helps you write good content, it has many different SEO Impact features such as, Write better content with Yoast SEO, Page Analysis, Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization, Meta & Link Elements, XML Sitemaps, Social Integration, Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file and many more.

So you can USE these 7 BEST WROPRESS PLUGINS for your new BLOGGING website.

You can tell me by commenting on this blog and I can tell you, and if you have any questions, you can ask me by commenting.


Passive Income Importance and Ways To Earn

You must have heard the name of Passive Income, but when it comes to understanding it, then people often fall into the limelight, whether it is passive income. As we have stated in above-mentioned sentences, every person needs some kind of earning to fulfill their obligations, ie their obligations. For the purpose of earning, most of the people are encouraged to do an active income, to do some work, or to do any kind of work, in which the person is earning directly linked to that action. And he has become active in doing that action. On the contrary, the opposite passive income is called a earning in which the concerned person does not have to do some work or a lot of effort has to be said to mean that even if a person remains inactive then earning goes on. In this category ie Passive Income category, earnings from the sale of a rental house or shop, earnings from the sale of any copyrighted material, interest earned on deposits in banks, etc. are included in the category of passive income. |

Importance of Passive Income

As we have understood in the aforementioned sentences that the work we do not have to remain active and our earnings from it, it is called Passive Income.

As far as the importance of this type of earning is concerned, it can be estimated from the fact that people are currently being given more importance than money because people have money but there is a shortage of time where Money is a matter of money, money can be earned, can be spent, can be invested, and money can be completely lost, but as far as the time is concerned, money is made by money One minute is not so can be bought and not to be influenced in some way by the money that a minute | Therefore, the importance of Passive Income is increased as it gives freedom of time to the person, in which the person is able to earn money and be able to carry out other duties based on his life.

Passive Income, somewhere, keeps humans free from anxiety, fear of the future etc., it inspires the person to do whatever in which man is interested and enjoys. Looking at these very important aspects of Passive Income, not only in India but also in the world people are engaged in the struggle to find Passive Income Sources for themselves. Let’s talk about some of the ways that people can make passive income in India too.

Rent A property

Such people who have a vacancy in their plot or house and they are residing in a place where people are often required to stay, such people can start earning their passive income ie passive earnings by renting those rooms of their home. Apart from this, if a person has any plot or space, he can give tower companies to install the tower. Or you can start earning your passive income by giving any business person a need for another business.

Sell Product on your Website

If you have a blog on a topic, and thousands of visitors visit it every day, then you can sell that topic related products through that blog. If the selection of the products is in accordance with the subject then the visitor will be more likely to buy them, so entrepreneurs should select the products according to the subject matter, so that they can succeed in earning passive income.

Risk free Investments

Although it is true that money is required to make passive income from this type of enterprise, therefore, those who have money, they can invest their money in safe investing methods and earn more profit than the bank. Investing in the stock market can be risky, but investing in the Mutual Fund and Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), where it is safer than the other, there is a possibility of returning the dividend also. Some great ways to invest money.

Start your own YouTube Channel

Every single man in the world has been created by nature by combining different talents, so in YouTube, every kind of video related to entertainment, related to humor, related to art, related to education, to make any object or food You can create your own channel in YouTube by creating any type of video related to. Creating channels in Youtube is a very easy process, and the biggest thing is absolutely free, so if a person thinks he can make a video at any point, then he must adopt this method of passive income.

Build a Mobile App

Although creating a mobile application requires a lot of information related to this area, hence this work is not just for everyone but those who do this work can create a mobile app for people who earn their passive income. Of some kind, or entertain people like some Game Applications are such that it becomes very popular even that app Making developers will be also created by me does not sound like it’s App so successful.

Make a Website

Although it is true that this type of venture is a very competitive enterprise, this method is still a practical way of passive income. At present, every type of content in the internet is available in every type of language, so it is difficult to say which kind of content should be done on the website, if the entrepreneur wants it, it will also include entertainment, comedy, quiz Keeping in mind the games, games etc. can create a website. Because this type of website can be easily promoted through social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. And when thousands of visitors visit a website in one day, then the entrepreneur should start his passive income using Google Ad sense, the way to build a website through WordPress.

E-Commerce General

How to create an E-Commerce Website?

What is an e-commerce website? How to create an e-commerce website in India and what is needed for it, today we will talk about it.

Around 206 million people around the world are currently buying their money online goods. In today’s era, many e-commerce site apps will be able to see you in any person’s smartphone, tablet, and laptop. e-commerce sites are present in many different names like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra etc. All of us know that there are so many eCommerce sites on the internet where we find our favorite thing in good value. But in reality what is this e-commerce site?

The E-commerce site is a medium because due to which millions of people are now buying their essential things without getting out of the house at good prices, they are also without any hassle and safely. e-commerce really means buying and selling goods or items via the internet.

E-commerce is an online business that a person runs. Just like other businesses, e-commerce is also a business through which you can earn a lot of money. Its popularity in the world of internet is increasing day by day. Creating an e-commerce website is not so easy and it’s not just about everyone’s bus. To make this, it is very important to have complete knowledge of it.

What things are needed to create eCommerce website?

In today’s article, we will know what we need to create an e-commerce website.

1# Money

We need a lot of money to start any kind of business. In the same way, you should have enough money before starting a business of e-commerce because no business can be completed without money. To start an online business, you will have the money to make a website. You will also get money for products that are available in your e-commerce. There are many such things where you may have to make money. Therefore, the most important thing to start a business is money. If you have a lot of money, with the help of which you can open your own e-commerce site, then do not put money in it or else.

2# Planning

There is a great need for planning to start your business. Without a plan, you will not be able to guess what you have to do next, you will not be able to meditate and you may have to face many problems in the future.

3# Domain Name

To start an e-commerce site in internet you need a domain name like It works as an address in the world of online through which shoppers can find your website. The domain name of most online business either closes in .com or closes with .net. Your domain name should be the same name as the name you want to name your e-commerce site.

4# Web Hosting

You need a web hosting service for your website so that people can view your website on the internet. The work of this service is that it stores your website’s data and files in a separate computer and when someone uses the internet to write your website’s domain name in your web browser, then this web hosting is your website. Send the files and data to its browser so that the person will be able to access your website easily.

5# Website

What is the most ego of your business is your website.If you have full knowledge of how to create a website then you can create your own website and if you do not have any knowledge then you can make your website payable to the web designer. Can. You have to think about how your own website should look. And what your website is designed for should reflect the attributes of you as you are creating an e-commerce site, then you should see all those products that you want to sell. The design of your website should be so good that people will be attracted towards your website, this will also give you a lot of excitement and you will have a lot of profits.

6# Shopping Cart Software

The main purpose of your e-commerce site is to sell goods to your customers and sell your goods to your customers. You will need a shopping cart software. This software gives your buyer the chance to see the contents in your website, and choose the one that you like and buy. shopping cart software allows your customers to buy their favorite items safely using their credit card. This service keeps your credit card details and your order data from other people’s eyes.

7# Merchant Service Provider

An online business can never accept cash payment through its website, it requires a merchant service provider, whose work is to handle things related to credit and debit cards. This service maintains a contact between business, customer and credit card company. They process the customers by taking payment from their given credit card account and send them to the merchant account. After the merchant service provider gets the money, he deducts the money from his commission and sends the money to the website owner in his account. The merchant service provider plays an important role for the e-commerce website, without it the trader has no other option but to take money from his customers.

Creating an eCommerce Website is not a difficult task, if you have all the information related to it and all the above mentioned things, then you can easily create your own website and earn good earnings. Hope you have gained some knowledge from this article, so that future information related to this article can help you.


What is Machine Learning and How Does It Work?

Do you know what is Machine Learning? It sounds very technical in hearing. But if you understand about it properly then it is a very easy thing which is nowadays used in all places. This is a kind of learning in which Machine learns a lot of things without being explicitly programmed. This is a type of application that AI (Artificial Intelligence) gives the system the ability to automatically learn from your own experience and improve yourself.

Although it may not be possible to hear, this is true, as of now, AI has become much more advanced so that these Machines can do many things, which was not possible to get the first thought. Because machine learning can be easily handled multi-dimensional and multi-variety data in a dynamic environment, it is very important for all technical students to get complete information about this. There are thousands of advantages of Machine Learning that we use in our daily work. So today I thought why not give people information about machine learning and how it works so that you will be able to understand it better. So let’s begin without delay and know about what machine learning is.

Machine learning As I have already mentioned, this is a kind of application of artificial intelligence (AI) which gives the system the ability to do it automatically, and to improve itself if necessary. To do this, they bring their own experience to work, and they are programmed explicitly. Machine learning always focuses on the development of Computer Programs so that it can access the data and later it can use it for its own learning.

It starts with observations of learning data, for example, direct experience, or instruction, finding patterns in data and making better decisions in future. The main goal of Machine Learning is how to automatically learn learners without any human intervention or assistance, so that they can adjust their actions accordingly.

Types of Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are often divided into some categories. Let us know about this and its types.

  • What is computer memory
  • What is programming and its type
  • What is electronic voting machine

1. Supervised machine learning algorithms: In this type of algorithm, the machine that is learned in its past applies to this new data in which it uses labeled examples so that it can predict future events. From the analysis of a known training dataset, this learning algorithm produces a type of inferred function, which can easily be predictions about output values. The system can provide a target for any new input, upon giving them adequate training. This learning algorithm also compares the output of the output, finds the errors with correct, intended output and so that it can modify the model accordingly.

2. Unsupervised machine learning algorithms: These algorithms are used when information is not trained or labeled. Unsupervised learning This teaches how systems can infer a function so that they can describe any hidden structure from unlabeled data. This system does not describe any right output, but it explores the data and draws these inferences from their datasets, so that they can describe these hidden structures with the help of unlabeled data.

3. Semi-supervised machine learning algorithms: This algorithm comes between both supervised and unsupervised learning. Because they use both labeled and unlabeled data for training – typically the small amount of labeled data and a large amount of unlabeled data. Those systems that use this method can easily improve learning accuracy significantly. Generally, semi-supervised learning is selected when acquired labeled data is required by skilled and relevant resources so that it can train and learn from them. Otherwise, additional resources are not needed to acquire unlabeled data.

4. Reinforcement machine learning algorithms: This is a type of learning method that interacts with its environment and produces actions as well as also detects errors and rewards. Trial and error search and delayed reward These are the most relevant features of reinforcement learning. This method allows machines and software agents to automatically determine any ideal behavior that is within a specific context and by which it can maximize their performance. Simple reward feedback is very much needed for any agent from which it can learn which action is best; This is also called the reinforcement signal.

Large quantities of data can be analyzed from machine learning. From where there is usually a faster delivery, more accurate results can be ascertained where it can be found where there are profitable or dangerous risks, it can also have additional time and resources, so that they can be properly tracked in all respects. . One can not deny that if we combine machine learning with AI and cognitive technologies, then larger volumes of information can be processed in a more effective manner.

Machine Learning’s Categorization Required On the Basis of Output: –

This is another type of categorization of machine learning tasks when we only consider the desired output of a machine-learned system. So let us know in this context: –

1. Classification: When inputs are divide into two or more classes, and produces a model for a model that assigns unseen inputs to any one or more (multi-label classification) classes It is typically tackled in the supervised way. Spam filtering is a type of classification, where there are inputs, email (or some other) messages as well as classes are “spam” and “not spam”.

2. Regression: This is a type of supervised problem, instead of a case where the outputs are continuous, instead of the discrete.

3. Clustering: Here a set of inputs are split into groups. Excluding classification, groups can not be preceded, which makes it a typically unsupervised task.

Always remember that Machine Learning only comes in the picture when problems can not be solved with typical approaches.

Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used in the industries. Often people use these two terms interchangeably. But let me tell that the concept of these two are completely different. So let’s know about the difference between these two.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence uses two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial means that which is made by humans and which are not natural (not natural). At the same time Intelligence means that the ability to get the thinking or ability to understand There is a misconception in many people’s mind that Artificial Intelligence is a system, but in reality this is not true. AI is implemented in the system. Well there are many definitions of AI, a definition is also that “This is a kind of study in which it is known how to train computers or any other system so that these computers can do themselves, which is currently inanimate So this is the intelligence where we can add all the capabilities of humans to the machines.

Machine Learning: Machine Learning is a type of education in which machines themselves learn by themselves without programming them explicitly. This is a type of application that gives Ai the ability to give the system the ability to learn and improve it from your experience. Here we can create a program that is designed to integrate the input and output of the same program. A simple definition of Machine Learning is also that “Machine Learning” is an application that learns from machine experience E wrt some class task T and a performance measure P if the performance of learners is a task that is in class and Measures are improved from P. From experiences. “


Cloud Computing Characteristics

Cloud Computing Characteristics: Cloud computing is now being discussed everywhere and everyone is exploring cloud computing, so let’s also talk about some of the special features or characteristics of cloud computing. Well, we have posted an article in cloud computing in full detail, even if you want to know the characteristics of cloud computing, then click on Cloud Computing and read about it. Read Also – What is AWS Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

You might have detected these words repeatedly, however, do you understand what this is ultimately Cloud Computing? It is getting heard so much this time nowadays. As we know, network technologies have created tons of progress within a previous couple of years. Since the web (the most popular computer network) has expressed its existence, there have been tons of advancement within the field of the computer network and there has been considerable research in the fields of technologies like Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing.

To talk about cloud computing in simple language, this is nothing but just access to a traditional hosting service globally. This means that when you can access your data center or data from anywhere with Internet help, this is cloud computing. This is the most basic definition of cloud computing, but on today’s day, cloud computing has become so popular that it is not enough to just talk to accessing your data. Let’s see what Cloud Computing features are –

  1. On-demand self-service: Whenever a user needs cloud computing resources, he can do his job by visiting the web-based self-service portal, which is also called the Management Console, without any human interaction.
  2. Resource pooling: A common physical resource can be supplied to a lot of customers through logical partitions.
  3. Broad network access: Cloud computing resources can be accessed from anywhere through a network of mobile or workstation platforms.
  4. Additional Resources: On demand or automated additional resources can be found whenever there is a need for a sudden source.
  5. Measured service: Cloud Systems automatically controls and optimizes resources. Any resource that is used is monitored and controlled with absolute transparency and is billed as per the usage.
General WordPress

How to create a WordPress website in 30 minutes

If you want to own a blog or website, then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to give you all the information from How to a Start WordPress Website to Website Setup. You can find all the information related to Website Making, Step by Step Easily, you can prepare your site/blog within 30 minutes while following these steps. how to build a website from scratch

How to create a website – Step by Step Guide

Step #1 Choose Your Domain Name & Web Hosting

Firstly you will have to register a Domain Name and Purchase Web Hosting. Here I will recommend that both of you can buy from Hostgator. Since the last 4 years, I am also taking the service of Hostgator and it provides very good service –

  • It makes you cheaper.
  • Support is also good.
  • It never goes down, that means your site will never be closed.
  • And Also, if you do not like the plan, there is also 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can get your money back in 45 days.

Hostgator Plan – The hostgator’s plan is as follows.

Shared Hosting Plan – You can use shared hosting.

Shared Hosting is a great way to get bigger hosting, which is provided at a cheap price, in small parts. It is a shared hosting in a way that is useful for small bloggers.

I would like to ask you here that if you are brand new to the website and you want to start it with a lower price, then you should get Shared Hosting, for which you can visit this link – Hostgator Shared Hosting

BlueHost Plan for Hosting

You can also choose Bluehost’s plan. In Bluehost, you can start the hosting with $ 3.95 Per Month, and you can get free Domain Name in it.

Apart from this, it also gives you the freedom to install 1 Click WordPress and if you do not like the plan, then also gives Money Back Guarantee in 30 days.

Step #2 Buy Domain & Hosting

I will recommend you here that you can buy HostGator’s Shared Hosting as it will be cheaper and you will also get good service. The rest you can buy Normal Hosting too, please follow the following points to Buy –

  1. First go to this link – Hostgator Shared Hosting
  2. Then select your hosting plan.
  3. After selecting Plan, you will be asked for information from the Domain Name.
  4. If you have purchased a domain, then click on Yes to fill it out and click on No to buy Domain Name to purchase your domain –
  5. Checking to buy a domain name domain name that is available is not available. Once the name is found, click Add to Cart and then click on check out.
  6. Now you have to see your Order Summary, where you will be given the full price information and then you have to click on Continue.
  7. After that, click on Create An Account to create your new account and log in if you already have an account.
  8. Now, in the end, you have to pay, which you can do in many ways.
  9. After that, your website will be ready and you can setup it.
  10. You can buy domain and hosting in BlueHost in a similar way.

Step # 3 Now Install WordPress on Website

Now you have to install WordPress in your website. Keeping in mind the following points, you can install WordPress within 5 minutes –

WordPress Installation Process in Hostgator

  1. After creating the website, in the Hostgator which you will get cPanel, you must login.
  2. Then click on the Software section >> QuickInstall –
  3. After that, you have to click on WordPress –
  4. After which you will have to enter the address of the domain for which you are installing WordPress –
  5. Now, in the end, you will have to give the following information –
    • Blog Title – enter the name of the website.
    • For Admin Username – enter your preferred username.
    • Enter Your first name and Your last name.
    • For Admin Email, enter your working email address.
    • Check the box next to the Terms of Service Agreement.
  6. After all, you have to click on Install, after which WordPress will be installed and you will get all the details.

WordPress Installation Guide in BlueHost

You can also install WordPress in Bluehost in the same way. Bluehost gives you 1 Click Installation Provide, which makes installing a bit easier in it.

Step # 4 Basic Setup For Your Website

After creating a website, the main question is, how to do a basic set now. How to set which theme, which plugins to use, how to set up a home page, how to apply permalink, etc. There are many such questions that need to be known. So the answers to all those questions are given below –

# 1 – How to Install Theme

  • First go to your website name / wp-admin and login, like –
  • After that click on Appearance in the left side and click on Theme.
  • Then you have to click on Add New looking up, after which you install the theme you want.
  • And then click on the Upload Theme, after which your theme will take place.

# 2 Top 5 WordPress Plugins Need to Install First

Here I am telling you 10 Best Plugins, which you should first install. Which will work on handling your website and delivering Good Shape, you can install these plugins in 5 minutes –

  1. Akismet – This plugin will protect your blog from spam comments and mark them as well as allow real people’s comments to show on your article. Although this plugin is perfectly accurate, you can also check to see which comments are Spam and which is not, it is a Comments Filter.
  2. Jatpake – You can install Jetpack Plugin to get many useful widgets. Jetpack automatically sets you to Configuring Setting, as well as manual setting too.
  3. Yoast SEO – This plugin works to make SEO /User-Friendly your website. You do not need to make any changes to the Advance Setting, but you can fill in the information in Basic Setting. You can create a Sitemap for your site using this plugin which will help you further.
  4. Sumo Me – Using this plugin, you can put a Social Media Sharing Button on your Site, so that you can get your Article Share. Alternatively, you can use Welcome Matt, Top Bar, or Pop-Up to Email Collect.
  5. TinyMCE Advanced – This plugin works to make your article even better. When you write Article, it gives you the freedom to advance Advance, which is very good.
  6. Google Analytics for WordPress
  7. W3 Total Cache
  8. WP Smush
  9. WP Database Backup
  10. Shortcodes Ultimate

# 3 – Permalink Setup

  • Permalink Setting is very important because, without it, your website will not rank in Search Engine.
  • To set it, go to the Dashboard of your website >> then go to Setting >> and then click on Permalink.
  • As you go to Permalink, you will find many options, from that you have to select the Post Name and click Save on the bottom.
  • By doing this and posting good article, your site will gradually start rankinging on Google Search Engine.

# 4 Change WordPress Defaults URL – Set Default URL

  • In your site, you have to set the default URL. Like – default URL changed instead of
  • Then go to Setting >> General Setting to correct it.
  • There you have to change the URL.

# 5 Make Home Page – Home Page Setting

  • You can set your website’s Home Page based on your choice, website theme, website objective, and user.
  • If you are setting your home page on a blog, then you can change the settings to show the article in full rather than the list.
  • In the beginning, you will not have many articles on your site, you can publish at least post.
  • In general terms, how many articles will appear on your Site’s Home Page at one time?
  • To set it, go to Setting >> Reading and set it there accordingly.

# 6 Put Your New Post – Add New Post

For this you have to go to the WordPress Dashboard >> after that go to Post >> Click on New Post. After which you have prepared your post, you can create Head User, Interlinking, Bold etc. for the post and make it User-Friendly. Then click on Publish. You can publish your post later by Save Draft.

So by keeping all these points in mind, you can make a website by setting it up.